How It Works

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Mineral Insights

Mineral Insights is a visible optics device that detects metals and minerals with a single measurement on samples such as drill core, crushed rock, pulps, sands, RAB or RC chips among other sample types.

Gold, Copper, Molybdenum & Minerals

Mineral Insights reveals valuable information about metal and minerals relationships with their host minerals that can accelerate exploration and increase recovery. Mineral Insights can detect gold, copper, molybdenum and other minerals. A Mineral Insights measurement takes just 90 seconds and can be completed on many types of samples.

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Easily Portable for On-site Results

Mineral Insights is portable and battery operated. The entire  unit fits in its own waterproof case, which is carry-on luggage on commercial flights.


Check out our video on what the Gold Sniffer is and how it works!