Gold Sniffer Measures Gold Grades, Mineral Concentrations, and Metal Concentrations

The Gold Sniffer measures gold grades as well as mineral concentrations and metal concentrations. These measurements agree well with data from lab results as shown in the table below. A concentration or grade estimate is produced in less than 30 minutes on-site. This readily available data increases the efficiency of exploration, mining and mineral processing.  The Gold Sniffer provides a geologist with a display of the spatial relationship of gold and minerals at millimeter and micron dimensions as shown below.

ICPMS comparison - May 16, 2017

The Gold Sniffer is versatile because it can measure not only unpolished drill core, but other sample types such as: crushed samples, sand, pulps, tailings, and the round surface of uncut drill core. Below is a picture of a crushed sample measured by the Gold Sniffer, which detects bornite (pink in small spots), chalcopyrite (green), acanthite (blue near “A” marker), and Gold (red crosses) are all detected in the measurements. The detection of minerals on the surface of a crushed sample demonstrates that the Gold Sniffer is able to measure rough surfaces.

BC Measurements

BC measurements - legend