Cobalt is a key element required for batteries and electric vehicles. Mineral Insights identification of cobaltiteskutterudite, and gersdorffite can accelerate exploration and provide geologists with automated analysis that was never previously available.

This is a sample of Cobalt from Australia. Normally very difficult to pick out by eye, Mineral Insights can easily determine the minute differences in colour of the various minerals, with the simple click of a button. This measurement was completed in 90 seconds and provides the mineral morphology along with quantitative concentrations of the minerals.

Mineral Insights Analysis of Cobalt Core Samples

Cobaltite1Slide (002)

Mineral Insights can easily be installed at any exploration camp or core shack to quickly analyse material as it comes in. Gaining more information about the minerals present in the rock can be used to guide drilling programs and allow management to make more prompt decisions. This analysis can also be applied to ore processing to maximize cobalt recovery and to adjust chemical processes based on the material being fed into the mill.