Electronic Waste

  Electronic waste samples are from old cellphones and other electronic devices which have been broken into small pieces. Assay labs will not test these as they may contaminate other samples. There is also a need to detect how much gold these samples contain without destroying the sample in an assay. Mineral Insights is able to take 2.3 mm x […]

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James D. Kendall President, Inventor of Mineral Insights Dr. Kendall is a Professional Engineer registered in the Province of Ontario. He is both an electronics engineer and a mining engineer, and it was this varied background that permitted him to invent Mineral Insights. He has 20 years of experience in the microelectronics industry where he […]

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Company Gold Sniffer Inc. is based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and has worked closely with many collaborators and supporters since 2011 to develop the Gold Sniffer.

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Mineral Insights Services

Gold, Copper, and mineral analyses can be performed by the experts at Gold Sniffer Inc. using Mineral Insights. Mineral Insights provides information about minerals in a sample, unlike an assay which only measures elements. Services are available on a per-sample or daily rate basis. The type of analyses that could be done are: Gold concentration […]

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Tailings Measurement

Overview Mineral Insights measured grades for gold, pyrite, chalcopyrite, galena and sphalerite in polished samples of the tailings from a gold mine. Mineral Insights measured that 97% of the gold particles in the tailings are on or near a chalcopyrite grain, showing the strong association of gold with chalcopyrite. This graph shows that gold recovery will […]

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Ore Processing

Mineral Insights can estimate the gold concentration of drill core, tailings and pulps. It can measure the relationship between gold and its host minerals including pyrite, chalcopyrite, galena and sphalerite. It can also produce histograms of gold particle shape and size. This information can be used to optimize ore processing and to maximize gold recovery. […]

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Since the Mineral Insights unit is portable it can be used near the mining face to detect gold and provide an estimate of the gold concentration. This provides information about where the gold grade is highest and where mining should be focused, thereby maximizing the grade of the ore and increasing profitability.   This shows […]

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Detects minerals optically based on the reflectance, spatial information and unique colour of minerals on-site without waiting for assay results Determines which associated minerals to explore for in a particular deposit including pyrite and chalcopyrite Mineral Insigts provides geologists with the information to develop an optimal exploration plan Saves exploration time and expense, and provides a better chance […]

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