Chuquicamata, Chile 1984

Since the Mineral Insights unit is portable it can be used near the mining face to detect gold and provide an estimate of the gold concentration.

This provides information about where the gold grade is highest and where mining should be focused, thereby maximizing the grade of the ore and increasing profitability.



This shows Mineral Insight’s detection at micron dimensions of gold (magenta) and the following sulphide minerals: chalcopyrite (green), pyrite (pink), molybdenite (orange) and sphalerite (blue). This measurement was done on unpolished drill core cut by a diamond saw and required only 90 seconds.
The information provided by this Mineral Insights measurement can be used to accelerate gold exploration, and to increase gold recovery and profitability for a gold mine.


Mineral Insights Analysis Capabilities

(1) Exploration: Analysis of drill core and grab samples to determine which associated minerals contain gold. This tells geologists which minerals to explore for.

(2) Ore processing: Determines which minerals contain gold and provides a histogram of gold particle size and shape. Use data to optimize the type of ore processing and maximize gold recovery.

(3) Tailings: Measures the gold grade and mineral association of tailings to determine how much gold was missed so recovery can be increased.