Mineral Insights Services

Gold, Copper, and mineral analyses can be performed by the experts at Gold Sniffer Inc. using Mineral Insights. Mineral Insights provides information about minerals in a sample, unlike an assay which only measures elements. Services are available on a per-sample or daily rate basis.

The type of analyses that could be done are:

  1. Gold concentration
  2. Copper concentration from chalcopyrite and bornite concentrations
  3. Measurement of gold and mineral particle size including histograms
  4. Detection of a wide variety of minerals to understand mineral association:
    • gold
    • chalcopyrite
    • bornite
    • acanthite
    • molybdenite
    • sphalerite
    • galena
    • pentlandite
    • cobaltite
    • spodumene
    • most common minerals upon request